Join us to elect Sara as Vermont State Rep. for Vernon & Guilford!

Guilford resident and campaign volunteer

Heather Franklin

"Sara cares deeply about Guilford and Vernon, the people who live here, and the traditions of our farming families. She’ll bring innovative ideas to the legislature, ask hard questions, listen to her constituents, and make good choices on our behalf."

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Former Guilford Select Board Chair

Anne Rider

“Sara has brought so much to our community. Since she moved to Guilford, Sara has brought her positive energy and follows that up with her hard work. Sara's energy and can do spirit make me confident that she will be a fantastic representative for both Vernon and Guilford.”

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Guilford Democratic Party Chair

Andy Burrows

"Sara has been regularly attending events and talking to people in both Vernon and Guilford in an effort to find out what the towns need from an elected official. She is running as Democrat, but in her work Sara has shown that she can bring people together for important conversations and lead with a bipartisan spirit.”

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Guilford, Vermont

Mike Szostak

"As a mom, small business founder and owner, and a very active community member, Sara has demonstrated that she can effectively balance concern for meeting people's needs while being financially responsible. That's a very tough balancing act, one which requires skill, commitment, and hard work. As an independent voter, I try hard to assess the candidates I vote for, not based on their affiliations but rather, on their demonstrated abilities and accomplishments. Sara has everything I look for in a State Representative."

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Vermont House of Representatives Candidate, Windham-4

Nader Hashim

"Sara has a strong determination to bring communities together as well as the prowess needed to invigorate community members to create dialogue about the issues that matter most to them. She has a proven track record of being significantly involved in her community; she makes plans, puts them into motion, and makes things happen. We need this energy and motivation in politics at all levels."

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Guilford, Vermont

John Hagen

"Sara has a vision for helping Vernon and Guilford move forward. While understanding the practicalities our rural towns face, she has a gift for seeing the possibilities. She is exceptionally good at connecting people and ideas to achieve results. With experience, character, and vision, Sara is the individual that Vernon and Guilford need representing us in Montpelier. "

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Brattleboro, Vermont

John Bouffard

"Sara will work tirelessly to support healthy communities statewide, build bridges and affordability, and grow our economic engine to enable a more equitable, just and robust Vermont."

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Rockingham Arts and Museum Project

Robert McBride

"My experience working with Sara is that she has a great respect for the rural essence of Vermont and she possesses the ability to step back, look at a challenge, discuss issues with people with a variety of viewpoints, and work collaboratively on a solution."

See Robert's letter to the editor here:,554519

Guilford, Vermont

Don McLean

"I have worked extensively with Sara on Guilford projects, ranging from the 250th Anniversary Celebration, to Grange events, to the Broad Brook Community Center, which she serves as President, and I am always impressed by her skills, level of commitment, and fairness in all that she takes on."

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Guilford, Vermont

Verandah Porche

"Sara brings the same qualities — dedication, humor, curiosity, stamina, and humility — to all she does. Her interest is authentic; she listens to everyone and respects differences. Sara is excited about serving both Guilford and Vernon, exploring and expanding our common interests."

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Brattleboro, Vermont

Konstantin von Krusenstiern

"Not only does Sara have the vision to conceive inspired community partnerships, but she also possesses the skills and tenacity to implement complex projects. Sara is the quintessential social entrepreneur who leverages her professional abilities for the public good."

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Tiny House Fest Vermont, co-founder

Erin Maile O'Keefe

"Sara Coffey is an outstanding community leader who builds coalitions making everyone eager to participate and always feel rewarded by their participation. Sara's work has advanced the creative economy in Vermont and we all recognize how important this is for economic growth in our region."

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Vernon, Vermont

Ian Hefele

Windham-1 needs someone who cares passionately about the district, who will bring fresh ideas to Montpelier, and who has the track record of getting people to talk to each other. Sara Coffey has that experience, both professionally and as a member of her community.

See Ian's letter to the editor here:,555208?

Vernon, Vermont

Eddie & Lynda Starorypinski

We are casting our vote for Sara Coffey as we are impressed by her business acumen, her community involvement in Guilford as well as her sincere interest in generating employment opportunities in Vernon and Guilford. Sara is a coalition builder but will stand her ground when necessary as she has the courage of her convictions. Sara Coffey’s life experience will serve Vernon and Guilford well in Montpelier.

See Eddie & Lynda's letter to the editor here:,555205?

Vernon, Vermont

Libby Bennett

As a Vernon voter, I am truly impressed with Sara's openness to hearing from her soon-to-be constituents on the issues that most matter to us. Her focus on listening to the concerns of the people of Vernon and Guilford lay in stark contrast to that of her opponent, who has claimed he knows what Vernon and Guilford "need to do.”

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Guilford resident & Guilford Central School teacher

Emma Hallowell

Sara is committed to efforts that invest in high quality public education, including funding and policies that provide more affordable options for early childhood education. There is no doubt that Sara will support innovation in our schools and help find creative solutions and flexible approaches to managing change, something that will help ensure our schools can continue to be important centers of our communities.

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