Join us to elect Sara as Vermont State Rep. for Vernon & Guilford!

Guilford resident and campaign volunteer

Heather Franklin

"I grew up in Guilford in a farming family that has been working the land for over ten generations and I first met Sara many years ago volunteering at the Sugar on Snow Suppers at the Grange. When Sara told me she was running for office I could not have been more excited. Sara cares deeply about Guilford and Vernon, the people who live here, and the traditions of our farming families. She’ll bring innovative ideas to the legislature, ask hard questions, listen to her constituents, and make good choices on our behalf. In my line of work, which is policy advocacy and education, we often talk about blockers and builders. Blockers are the people who are particularly good at stopping bad policies from being passed; whereas builders have a vision for the future and are good at working with people to achieve that vision. Sara is a builder if I ever met one."
Former Guilford Select Board Chair

Anne Rider

“Sara has brought so much to our community. Since she moved to Guilford, Sara has brought her positive energy and follows that up with her hard work. Sara's energy and can do spirit make me confident that she will be a fantastic representative for both Vernon and Guilford.”
Guilford Democratic Party Chair

Andy Burrows

"Sara has been regularly attending events and talking to people in both Vernon and Guilford in an effort to find out what the towns need from an elected official. She is running as Democrat, but in her work Sara has shown that she can bring people together for important conversations and lead with a bipartisan spirit.”